[EU] Find Four Tournament [RESULTS]

Howdy Fire Warriors,

Today we logged on our most notabale server in the server list, Ascent. To prepare for our awesome Find Four Tournamentwe did a series of rapid tactics and formations and some spectacular bombs through out the pre event led by our most known AustinFraud and Leader-In-Training Ugly! We then head down to the ski lodge where everyone was set against each other in a massive tournament, winner takes all!

Max: 13

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[AUSIA] Operation: The Rise of AUSIA – Results

Hello Fire Warriors!!

We had a fun event today in Operation: The Rise of AUSIA, where we had a practice battle against the Demonic Fruits of Club Penguin. With our mighty fire and miners helmets, we were able to scare off the fruits and win the battle! Today resulted in a final max of 13 Fire Warriors, which was amazing for a s/m army’s AUSIA! Thanks to everyone for coming! We will only get better from now. Hope to see you all at the fun Find Four tournament on Saturday, May 8th!

Max: 13

The penguin in the top right is not in the Fire Warriors.

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[EU] Balloon Takeover [RESULTS]

Hello Fire Warriors!

Today, we held our balloons in our hands and floated to excellence on Club Penguin Rewritten, server Ascent, in our Balloon Takeover! We had some very interesting tactics today, as well as evidence Cassie sabotaged our balloons. Overall, we had amazing formations, bombs and tactics, with a total of 13 Fire Warriors in attendance! Thank you to everyone that came to the event. Hope to see all of you again at our AUSIA practice battle against a Mystery Army on Thursday, March 6th!

Max: 13

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[EU] Operation: Octoplushy Overload [RESULTS]

Welcome Fire Warriors,
Today we logged on Ascent for our epic Octoplushy event, we wore our very cute Octopus plushies! Another very decent event where we led speedy tactics, upstanding bombs and form, and of course uwu tactics from cassie. This wonderful event has been VC led by our very dedicated staff! SemiproOdm and Hoax. Make sure to tell them a good job in chat!

Max: 18

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