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Club Penguin Rewritten’s Noir Party: FULL GUIDE

Greetings Fire Warriors & Club Penguin Rewritten players alike! 

Recently, the Club Penguin Rewritten team has been teasing the brand new Noir Party, and the announcements have generated LOTS of hype! Out of nowhere, the team released the party today and it’s currently live with the new catalog. Fire Warriors have put together a comprehensive guide for the party in one big, easy-to-understand post which can be found by clicking “continue reading” below!

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CPRewritten 2021 March Updates │Noir Party News: Confirmed Mascots! & Stamp Books News, & New Catalog Sneak Peeks!


Hello everyone,
In a new post today!

In today’s post, I will be covering the Confirmed Mascots that will be coming to the island in the Noir Party! And the progression on the Stamp Books that are currently being worked on, and also some new sneak peeks of the new catalog! Continue reading

CPRewritten 2021 March Updates │Operation Swarm news, Puffle Party Cancelled, New Cardigan

Hello everyone,
This will be our newest post for news on CPR

Recently, two exciting news were leaked about Operation Swarm and the cancellation of the much-awaited Puffle Party. Today, this post will cover more information on it and an exciting sneak peek at the new custom hat and the new items coming along with it. Continue reading