Thanks For The Memories

Thank you for everything FW, its been one hell of a ride with this army when I joined as an advisor. It’s been a great few months and I’m so happy that I got to meet you all. From Legends cup to winning Challengers Cup. I just want to say thank you for being the most amazing army ever. From our allies to our visitors, our members and staff to hcom and the leaders, Y’all have made being in FW the most amazing experience ever.
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Thank You Fire Warriors For Everything.

Wassup warriors and adventurers! Today, I’m making a post on the remarkable memories I’ve had and made in FW. I’ve only been here for 1 month, but seems like forever. Continue reading

A Special Thanks towards the Fire Warriors

Hello Warriors! Today, after 8 months, 202 website posts, a lot of friends and a lot of good memories earned we are saying our final goodbye to the Club Penguin part of the Fire Warriors.

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Death Is Nothing At All

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The hot atmosphere of a new land… it fills you with determination.


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[CPRewritten] August Penguin Style Catalog 2021 %100 Walkthrough

Hey everyone!
The latest catalog for Club Penguin Rewritten has just been released, check out all the secrets/showcase of all items below! Continue reading

Taking a Breather

I am officially retiring from Fire Warriors.

Please take a moment to read.

I – Introduction
II – Reason
III – Shoutouts
IV – Notable Moments
V – End

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Thorough & In-depth Response to the Eclipse Post

da best you know what you did and todo is a biased ass mf

Let’s Talk

Hello Fire Warriors. This is a slightly different post than normal. I will be doing my best to explain the events of today, 23rd August, as I experienced them. So, let’s talk.

TW: Rape mentioned, swearing.

Also I leaked a few staff chats hope that’s alright @ CPAHQ, FW.

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Declaration of War on Secret Service [URGENT]

Goodnight Secret Service

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