Warrior of the Week #6

Following the assiduous week filled with awesome events and great memories, from a training event to a battle victory! Fire Warriors are growing stronger and with it their troops and staff, showing new bright faces into the history of FW. Tho only one can stand out every week showing their constitution towards the army and efforts to making this army the greatest.

Hence the FW Leadership have decided among their selves to choose a brand new Warrior of the Week that we believe deserved this role!

Bob Smith (Pingu3011)

Bob Smith joined Fire Warriors about 3 weeks ago and already showed clear determination to his army to attending events and making the chat feel comfy with his great personality. His efforts couldn’t be ignored, and thus Bob Smith has been awarded the 6th Warrior of the Week title! Make sure to congratulate Pingu when you see him in the main chat!

That’s not it tho! We were able to get a quick little interview with the warrior himself to tell you more about himself and how he got his new title!

Interview with the sixth WOTW and corporal, Bob Smith

First and Foremost, Congrats on being the sixth Warrior of the Week. Tell us more about yourself and how you found Fire Warriors.

I’m a computer science student. melodramax invited me I have a basset hound named Zeke. I like ice hockey and riding my bike.

What was your first reaction when you got the Warrior of the Week title?

I was surprised and happy.

My next question is, what do you think made you stand out out of all other troops in the server of acquiring the Warrior of the Week title?

I’ve been trying to be active and make it to events. I want to climb the ranks and help out where I can.

Love to hear that, What do you think about penguins?

I’ve always thought they were cute.

Is there anything else you wanna add?

Nah, I think that’s enough.

Who do YOU think will be titled the next Warrior of the Week? Let us known in the comments below!

Ugly, FW Leader In Training
Bob Smith, Corporal, 6th Warrior of the Week

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