Hall of Fame

Welcome to the Fire Warriors Hall of Fame. This page consists of the most well known and influential people to have ever entered the army, dating back to our inception in 2007. Many of the people here have not only made a mark on the Fire Warriors, but also the army community as a whole. Without these legendary Warriors, Fire Warriors would never have came as far as we have. For that we will forever remain grateful.

The following people are split up into four categories, as explained below.

FW Godfather

The Godfathers of the Fire Warriors have consistently went above & beyond for this army, they’ve put countless days and months into the effective running of this army and without any of them we’d be nowhere near where we are today. FW Godfathers have a near final say in all of the administrative decision making, although only one is really around today – with another acting for now.

FW Godfathers are to receive the “FW Godfather,” “FW Hall of Fame,” “FW Icon” and “FW Veteran” roles on our official Discord server.

FW Legend

Fire Warriors Legends are some of the finest leaders to have ever been at the helm of the army. These people have fearlessly led the Fire Warriors into many battles & tournaments, and have consistently put the needs of their people above their own. The impact these people have made on our legacy shall never be forgotten.

FW Legends are to receive the “FW Hall of Fame,” “FW Icon” and “FW Veteran” roles on our official Discord server.

FW Icon

Icons are the leaders & staff who have put countless hours into the operations of the army. They are the key behind all of our recruiting, mentoring, hostings & so much more. These people are on track to become legends; but the main difference between an Icon and a Legend is the time they put into the army. If Icons keep doing as they are, they will eventually reach the Legend title.

FW Icons are to receive the “FW Icon” and “FW Veteran” roles on our official Discord server.

FW Veteran

FW Veterans are troops who have attended countless events and have served for a very long time. Although being the lowest tier on our Hall of Flame page; these troops are not to be underestimated. We thank each and every one of you for your service, and we know that if you continue your journey here you will reach much higher heights.

FW Veterans are to receive the “FW Veteran” role on our official Discord server.


 ★ = Army Legends


Wwe09 [2007 – 2008] [CREATOR]

★ Pringle64 ★ [2008 – 2012]

★ Pocohoma123 ★ [2009 – 2012]

Sweater [ACTING] [2020 – 2021]



★ Trickster ★ [2009]

★ Woton ★ [2009]



Icesurviver [2007]

Penguin23800094 [2007]

 Ganger [2009]

Cassiusbrutus [2009]

Pete852 [2009]

Rice44 [2009]

Taco [2014, 2015]

Khimo [2014, 2015]

Simmonds2000 [2021]

AustinFraud [2021]

Cassie [2021]

Haley [2021]

Ugly [2021]

Pranav [2021]



Apollo [2014]

Verum [2014, 2016]

Badboy [2015, 2016]

xfastx [2020]

Pandor [2021]

Kristina [2021]