Hall of Fame

Welcome to the FW Legends page. Here you will find some of the greatest leaders and soldiers to have ever served in the Fire Warriors army, and have helped continue the success and the life of the army for almost 14 years through sheer determination and hard work. This page is split into four categories.


The highest honor available in the Fire Warriors. This title is only given to those who have accomplished the most in the army. The people who hold this badge are the peak of what you can become in the Fire Warriors, and you should work as hard as they have so that one day, you can also call yourself an FW Legend.


Icons, despite not quite being legends, are those who have had a massive influence in the day-to-day operations of the army. These people have revolutionized the way we fight our battles, the way we recruit and so much more. These people have done nothing but help the Fire Warriors grow and prosper, and we owe them a great debt.


These people have excelled in their roles and have achieved the title of Champion. They have done their part to help the Fire Warriors be successful generation to generation, and have fulfilled their roles to the best of their ability.


The role speaks for itself. The title of Warrior is given to those who through considerable strength helped FW and were always loyal, recruiting and attending all events and battles possible.



Wwe09 created the Fire Warriors all the back in August, 2007. Though his time with us was short, he recruited many people into the army and was constantly battling other armies such as the Army of Club Penguin, the Ice Warriors and Club Penguin Clones.


Pringle64 joined the Fire Warriors in 2009, around one year after the disappearance of Wwe09. His impact in the Fire Warriors is possibly the greatest out of any Legend. He revolutionized the way we recruit, the way Club Penguin Army graphics looked, and led every battle flawlessly. Pringle64’s Fire Warriors were the most dominant generation of the army, reaching sizes of 45+ daily.


Pochoma123 joined the Fire Warriors alongside Pringle64 and was known to be his “duo.” The two would lead the army to consistent sizes of 45+ and topple any empire that stood in our way. Pochoma also owned popular Club Penguin cheats website “Club Penguin Cheats,” which brought many new people into the Fire Warriors daily. Together, the two are known as the best Duo that has ever touched Fire Warriors.


Sweater first brought the Fire Warriors back in July of 2020 after four years of inactivity. He led with three of his friends from the Special Weapons & Tactics before ultimately shutting down the army again in August. He brought the army back a second time in December of that year, maxing sizes of around 15 and establishing an excellent community. However, the real success came in the form of a third generation in February of 2021, were together with AustinFraud, Haley & Cassie, the army saw sizes of 20+ and became the most dominant S/M Army of 2021.



Woton is most notable for founding Club Penguin Armies’ most notable media organisation, Club Penguin Army Central. Not that many know, however, that he also led the Fire Warriors to great heights alongside leaders such as Pringle64, Ganger90 and Pochoma123. Woton established a great generation in 2009 that saw sizes of upwards of 20. Although he wasn’t around for that long, he has cemented his legacy as one of the best Fire Warriors leader & Club Penguin Army legend.


Trickster is most known for his tenure in the Undergound Mafias Army, however he also led the very first Fire Warriors golden age with Ganger90 & Woton. Under his tenure, the army saw sizes of up to 30. He is also credited for the creation of the “L” formation; which all armies use in some capacity and opened up the freedom to do other creative formations. Trickster is remembered for his innovative ideas, and show of excellent leadership.