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    Welcome to the Fire Warriors Army of Club Penguin Rewritten!

    Our goal as a community is to have fun on Club Penguin Rewritten! We arrange regular meetups, game nights, giveaways, and a lot more.

    On our website and Discord server, you will find event (meetups!) results, catalogue guides, Club Penguin Rewritten secrets, mascot locations, etc! Join today, and engage with a fun community, and become a Fire Warrior.

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Hall of Flame

Welcome to the official Fire Warriors Hall of Flame. The officers and leaders on this page have made their mark time & time again on the legacy, the history of the army and have never stopped showing their support. From 2007 to 2021, these troops & leaders have definitely been around the block.


The Fire Warriors have 3 tiers of Legends. Each one is hugely respectable in their own right, and the three come with their own benefits on the Discord. The order goes from Godfather, to Legend, to Notable Troop.

 ★ = Army Legends



*Godfather receives the “Godfather” role in the Fire Warriors Discord & get a part in decision making if they so choose. Godfathers also receive the “FW Hall of Fame” role, and the “FW Veteran” role, regardless of time served.

★ Pringle64 ★ [2008 – 2012]

★ Pocohoma123 ★ [2009 – 2012]

Sweater [ACTING] [2020 – 2021]


*Legends receive the “FW Hall of Fame” role in the Fire Warriors Discord as well as the “FW Veteran” role, regardless of time served.

Wwe09 [2007 – 2008] [CREATOR]

★ Ganger90 ★ [2009]


Notable Troop

*Notable Troops receive the “FW Veteran” role in the Discord server, regardless of time served.

Icesurviver [2007]

Penguin23800094 [2007]

 Trickster [2009]

Woton [2009]

Taco [2014, 2015]

Khimo [2014, 2015]

Apollo [2014]

Verum [2014, 2016]

Badboy [2015, 2016]

xfastx [2020]

Simmonds2000 [2021]

AustinFraud [2021]

Cassie [2021]

Haley [2021]

Pandor [2021]