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Prologue: the Fire Warriors have went by several names throughout it’s journey in Club Penguin Armies. This page will have the full Fire Warriors, Roman Fire Warriors and Ninjas history within its contents. Each generation will begin by highlighting its pioneers and revolutionaries, as well as notable figures present within. It’s important to note that lots of Fire Warriors history throughout it’s time has been lost due to defacements, domain expirations and a whole list of other reasons. I have checked every available source using Wayback Machine, and of course Pringle64 knows his own personal experiences. This is the most accurate Fire Warriors history page to date – as it even goes on to fix Club Penguin Army Central’s awful inaccuracies. Sources will be credited.

Project Leaders: Sweater & Pringle64

Project Contributors: 

If you know or think you know something that was not mentioned on this page please reach out to Sweater on the Fire Warriors Discord. I will fact check to the best of my ability and add in missing details. Fire Warriors’ catalog of history will be restored and that’s a promise.

The Founding Era (August 2007 – June 2008)

Revolutionary: Wwe09
Relevant Figures: Steven [Fire Warriors], Henryym [Fire Warriors], Iceyfeet1234 [Ice Warriors], Ambrosha [Dark Warriors], Admiral1234 [Underground Mafias Army]
Notable Websites:
https://firewarriors.wordpress.com | https://therealfirewarriors.wordpress.com

The Fire Warriors were created late August of 2007 by a young Club Penguin player named Wwe09, and would go on to become one of the most famous armies of all time. In it’s early days, the army would not have too much influence; but would go on to battle some of the biggest armies of the era such as the Army of Club Penguin, Ice Warriors, Dark Warriors, Club Penguin Clones, and a whole lot more. Wwe09 wasn’t very invested in his creation; and going on to the website it was clear he took little-to-no pride in leading the Fire Warriors. However, despite that, the army would go on to become one of the most successful small-medium armies of its era, as can be highlighted below:


November 2007 – Ice Warriors & Fire Warriors engage in battle. Fire Warriors victorious.



November 2007 – Fire Warriors, Army of Club Penguin and Watex Warriors engage in a battle. Fire Warriors & Watex Warriors draw; with Army of Club Penguin losing.


December 2007 – Ice Warriors & Fire Warriors engage in a Practice War. Fire Warriors victorious.

After ten months of drama, fun, wars, and more Wwe09 retired in June of 2008 and unfortunately nobody stepped up to the plate. Due to this fact, the Fire Warriors unfortunately died due to inactivity and was left for dead for an entire year until two very familiar faces rose up & revived the army, under a brand new name.

The Founding Era Ends. Cause of death: Inactivity

The Grand Rebuilding [2009 – 2011]




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