• Who are we?

    Welcome to the Fire Warriors Army of Club Penguin Rewritten!

    Our goal as a community is to have fun on Club Penguin Rewritten! We arrange regular meetups, game nights, giveaways, and a lot more.

    On our website and Discord server, you will find event (meetups!) results, catalogue guides, Club Penguin Rewritten secrets, mascot locations, etc! Join today, and engage with a fun community, and become a Fire Warrior.

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Main Leaders

There have been various leaders that have taken the helm of the Fire Warriors over the course of the 14 years of operations. There have been many successful ones, many unsuccessful ones, but each and every leader has had their impact on the army and you will too. Anyone can become a leader with enough dedication, and below is the entire list of Fire Warriors leaders. From day one.


  • Underline signifies Fire Warriors Legend
  • Bold signifies Club Penguin Army Legend
  • Golden signifies they’ve led a Golden Age of the Fire Warriors


And with that out of the way, your leaders are:

  1. Wwe09
  2. Ganger90
  3. Trickster
  4. Bellorophont
  5. Woton
  6. Pete852
  7. Cassius Brutus
  8. Eddie 1675
  9. Rice44
  10. Pringle64
  11. Pochoma123
  12. Etac14
  13. Steve Tim
  14. Zero
  15. Tacodaily
  16. Badboy
  17. PercyJackson2
  18. Mikester
  19. Domsamillion
  20. Khimo
  21. Kyle103
  22. Trader
  23. DrMatt
  24. Apollo
  25. Mikester (2)
  26. Tacodaily (2)
  27. Badboy (2) 
  28. Sweater 
  29. TheSammiDC
  30. xfastx
  31. Ot_ter
  32. Kristina
  33. Sweater (2)
  34. Sweater (3) – Current leader
  35. Simmonds2000 – Current leader
  36. AustinFraud – Current leader
  37. Ot_ter (2) 
  38. Cassie – Current leader
  39. Haley – Current leader

And that is all 39 leaders the Fire Warriors have ever had. I hope you get to see your name on this list one day, and good luck in your Fire Warriors journey!