{EU} Invasion of Grasshopper + Battle against Smart Penguins {RESULTS}

Hello Fire Warriors!

The mighty Warriors have taken their flames and logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten to conquer land and battle the Smart Penguin army. How well did these events go? Read the whole post to find out!

Today we took our shiny flames to Ascent/Iceberg to burn the berg but before we could have made the berg disappear, we got sent to the Stadium. While we were invading, Grasshopper, the Smart Penguins, decided to challenge us a challenge and battle us during the invasion! After we finished the invasion, the judges decided they wanted the berg off the CPR map and sent us back. What happened on the berg? Well, that’s just history. We defeated the Smart Penguins and took over Grasshopper at the same time, I mean has any other army ever done this before? It wouldn’t have been possible without our leaders AustinFraud, Ugly, and Sweater. Thank them when you see them in chat because they led us to a max of 17 troops online!


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{EU} Invasion Of Flippers {RESULTS}

Hello Fire Warriors!

On Wednesday, the mighty Fire Warriors logged on to Club Penguin Rewritten to conquer more land. How well did it go? Read the whole post to find out!

We began by logging on to Zipline/Iceberg! The berg almost melted with our shiny Fire, so we made a map change to the Stadium. In the Stadium our fire shone brighter than ever and made some amazing tactics and formations thanks to our leaders AustinFraud, Ugly and Pran. If you see them in chat, thank them because they led us to max 12 troops online.


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[EU] Invasion of Cloudy + Fishing Competition [RESULTS]

Hiya Fire Warriors!

Today we logged on to Crystal/Iceberg to disturb my vacation and invade Snowshoe + a fishing competition as well! Did we invade the land? Who won the Fishing competition? Read the post to find out!

Well, for the invasion we had some really fast tactics and formations which were very helpful to capture the land, and for the fishing, the competition winner announcement is at the end of the post so keep reading! The Warrior’s tactics and formations wouldn’t be without our leaders AustinFraud, Ugly, Sweater, Darci, and Goul. If you see them in chat thank them for their lead!


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{EU} Battle and Games with Army of CP + Invasion of Cloudy {RESULTS}

Hiya Fire Warriors!

Today we logged on to Ascent/Iceberg to invade Cloudy and to Battle and play games with ACP! In the end, we even had a dance contest. How did these events go? Continue Reading to find out!

Well, we Warriors had amazing tactics and formations while battling the Army of CP! After the battle which was already fun, we decided to make it even more fun with a dancing contest. Who was the contest winner? Keep on reading to find out! In our battle AustinFraud, Ugly and Rachel were leading. Again if you see them in chat thank the lead for them because they lead us to max 13 troops online.


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Fire Warriors Semi-Annual Legend Inductions

(FWLI, Fire Warriors Legend Inductions) – Today, July 12th, marks the first of many semi-annual Fire Warriors Legend Inductions. As our Godfathers have remained inactive; and I do not want to hold the power to induct legends myself, I figured it would be best for the army to induct its legend themselves. That means you, the soldiers, will have the power to vote for who should be upgraded in our Hall of Fame page.

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Re-ignition Review #8

[7/5 – 7/10]

Hey Fire Warriors! Hope everyone had fun this fascinating week! We’ve had a total of 5 events, as we invade a lot of lands to our territory in the CP Army Network new map! Here’s a quick review about all events that occured this week, as well as the statistics for each division!

Event Statistics

AUSIA Average: 10.5
EU Average: 18
US Average: N/A

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Notable Moments [7/5 – 7/11]

Hello Warriors!

It’s been awhile since the last edition, but now we’re back with Notable Moments of the Week, also knows as NMOTW (I just came up with that right now). Without further ado, let’s have some laughs over this week’s funny and notable moments! What will they be? Continue reading to find out!

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CPAN Map Update #2

HOT CHOCOLATE, Fire Warriors Capital – The CP Army Network notices a huge change in the world map from the last map update, as a war breaks out between the Templars and Special Weapons and Tactics taking everyone by storm, and armies all across bringing lands towards their zone. In this post, I will note all changes that surrounded the map throughout this week, along with all armies’ current lands at the end. Continue reading

FW Sunday Trivia #2

Hello Fire Warriors!

Welcome back to the second edition of FW Sunday Trivia. While there were no correct guesses for the last edition, the reward, a cool medal in the FW server, remains the same. But before we get into the trivia, let’s go over how to submit your answers again, as it’s always good to refresh your memory. So, as I mentioned last time you can submit your answers in the comment section with this template:

My answers:

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