Penguin Secret Agency Missions 1 – 11: Full Guide

The Penguin Secret Agency is one of two Club Penguin Rewritten secret agencies. The aim of the organisation is to defend all of Club Penguin from evil, and to do so they would continuously recruit many of the player base from Club Penguin. If you are lucky enough to be enlisted in either the Penguin Secret Agency – or the newer Elite Penguin Force, then eleven missions within the game become available to you by going to the Command Room, and clicking PLAY MISSIONS in the bottom right corner.

Click “PLAY MISSIONS” to load the Mission Select Screen!

Something interesting about each of the missions is that each of them contain not only the public reward, but a secret reward too! By selecting one of the missions below, you can find a carefully-written guide on how to obtain both rewards and beat the mission!

The format of the guides will show you how to complete the mission on the normal route, and at the end there will be a guide on what to do inside the mission to obtain the secret reward!

Good luck on your journey!


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