Penguin Secret Agency – Mission 1: “Case of the Missing Puffles” Full Guide

“Aunt Arctic.. Famous reporter for the Club Penguin Times… Has lost two of her pet puffles.

It is your assignment to find and rescue them.”

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“Case of the Missing Puffles” begins with the player inside of Aunt Arctic’s igloo. You are able to scroll left & right to look around. Although right now you want to talk to Aunt Arctic. – You can accomplish this by clicking on her.

Keep clicking on Aunt Arctic to scroll through the dialog. You will then be prompted to respond to her, click the only option of “When did this happen?”

She will respond with, “It happened an hour ago. I was doing some reporting for the Club Penguin Times, so I brought my camera with me to take pictures.” – Then you will be prompted to respond with “What happened next?”

She replies, “Two of my puffles must have hidden in my camera bag, because when I got home, I saw that they were missing, and my camera was gone too!” You will then ask her what the puffles look like.

Her description of the puffles are: “The green one loves to explore and be goofy, and the purple one likes to take pictures.” You will then reply stating you will find them. She thanks you, and you are now free to explore the igloo & map.

Click on the big “MAP” in the top left – and then click on the SPORT SHOP.


Inside the Sport Shop.

Once you are inside of the Sport Shop, you will want to click on the blue penguin – the shop keeper! He will ask you if you want anything & you will want to say yes. He will then recommend you click on the Penguin Style, at which point you need to ask him for special items. After this, he will give you a question and if you get it right he will give you the items you need.

“How many pairs of socks do I own?”

At this point you will feel a bit lost. How can you possibly know this? Well, if you open your map again and go to the Pet Shop there will be a note left there that will tell you the answer… except it’s hidden in a secret code. To get this code, simply hover over the “Code” in the bottom right of the screen.

And there we have it! We now want to go back to the Sport Shop & answer his question with “58” and hopefully he will let us in. – HOWEVER IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT THE NUMBER MAY DIFFER. YOU WILL NEED TO DECODE YOURSELF USING THE CODE. 

After we answer his question correctly, he will let us know that HE knows we are a secret agent, and he introduces himself as “G” – the one who invents the secret agent spy gadgets. We then ask him to show us some, and he does. 

Drag and drop both of the new gadgets into your inventory.

We can now open our maps and look around for the puffles. Let’s go to the Ski Hill.

After we arrive at the Ski Hill, we can see a Brown Penguin looking at us. When interacted with, he tells us there are penguins trapped in the Ice Berg! Oh no! Let’s go and help them out!

As we can see, there are a group of penguins trapped outside the Ice Berg – let’s see if one of our handy gadgets can help save them! – Interact with them & clear the dialog. After this, we will use the hoop-shooting gadget to save the penguins. Drag & drop the gadget onto the penguins.

Once you do this, you will be entered into a new screen with a 0/7. The 7 stands for each penguins, and we now need to shoot our hoops to rescue them to land.

Once you save all 7 penguins, click on the green penguin and he’ll tell us he saw two puffles! – The ones we need to find!

Higher up? Let’s go back to the Ski Hill and see if the brown penguin will let us use his telescope!

Once we are back we can see the brown penguin upset and crying. He has accidentally broken his telescope and now neither of us can use it. – No worries! We are secret agents, we can fix the telescope and then he’ll let us use it. To fix the telescope, go into your inventory and click on your PHONE. You can then click “Tools” on your phone to be presented with this:

We need the wrench (the middle tool) – click on this tool and drag it to the telescope. It will automatically fix & you can now click on it to look through it. Scroll left & right until you find the green puffle flying. After this, click the black area of the screen to return.

Now we want to open our map and go to the TALLEST MOUNTAIN. Once there, look UP and open your inventory. Drag and drop the GRAPPLING HOOK to the top of the mountain to go up! Once we’re up, we can see the puffles. Click through the dialog until they take the picture, after that, we are teleported to Aunt Arctics’ igloo. 

Once you finish the talk with Aunt Arctic, we will be finished with our mission. We have now completed the very first mission.

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